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World's first DNA Strain Verification service.

World's most precise measurements
of indica versus sativa admixture.

At least 30,000 genes (that's
billions of base pairs),
for just $199.



Our technology is the most advanced in the industry, and our data analysis programs are always adapting and improving. This means your results get continually updated automatically online, for free, for as long as we're in business. Your QR codes will always link to the most current version.


Tru-Breed Genomic Certification

Starting at just $199, you can make your weed Tru-Breed Genomically Certified Weed by sequencing over 30,000 genes from your strain, with free online updates for as long as we're in business. You get back (a) physical and online counterfeit-proof Strain Reports, (b) stickers, and other marketing materials, (c) ability to transfer certification to downstream clients including cultivators and dispensaries, (d) the ability to test other strains against yours to determine counterfeits or fakes, (e) ability to recover mislabeled or misidentified mother plants, and (f) ability to time-stamp possession for intellectual property protection purposes. Our certification logo on a product ensures accurate labeling of flowers, extracts, and edibles as well.



Supply Chain Strain DNA Verification

Starting at $249 we offer our Supply Chain Strain DNA Verification service where you can validate your strain against material provided by one of our partner cultivators or breeders. This verification is then transferrable down the supply chain, to ensure accurate labeling of flowers, extracts, and edibles from seed to sale. You receive physical and online certificatesas well as QR code linked baggie labels, zip ties, and other marketing materials. We are proud to be the first DNA testing service approved to verify GG1, GG4, and GG5.


Custom R&D Projects

We are excited to offer a wide variety of advanced research and breeding services, tailored to the unique needs of individual clients, for Cannabis as well as just about any other kind of plant, animal, bacteria, fungi, etc. We can design and execute a wide variety of R&D projects including Genome Wide Association (GWA), Marker Assisted Selection (MAS), and Quantitative Trait Locus (QTL) studies. Our small staff contains expertise in a wide variety of fields including plant physiology, soil science, genetics, bioinformatics, botany, organic chemistry, experimental methods, statistical analysis, remote sensing, and data science. We are experts in phenotypic trait measurement and can combine this with genomic analysis to provide truly creative solutions for enterprises seeking the highest degree of scientific rigor possible.