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Social Justice

For decades, harsh criminal penalties were routinely given for nonviolent Cannabis offenses. These policies tore families apart and in many cases left the formerly incarcerated with few options after having served their time.

Recent changes to Cannabis policy at the local, state, and federal levels brings the promise of a fairer, less discriminatory system of justice. Yet the thousands punished under previous policies still suffer, as reentry into society is difficult and comes with no governmental support. Employment opportunities are often limited for those with criminal records.

In light of these realities, TBT Inc. pledges to donate at least 1% of all sales to support reentry programs in California.  Although the emergence of a safe and regulated Cannabis industry is a good thing, we worry that many of the profits will not be shared by those most damaged by past drug policy.


For further information on prisoner reentry and to support these efforts, see:

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