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About Us

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Tru-Breed Technologies is 100% employee owned and operated, and was founded in an apartment in Oakland in 2015 by several recent PhDs from UC Berkeley with a passion for botany and Cannabis. We have authored over 20 publications on hybridization in plants, and wrote many of the most widely used computer programs for analyzing Next-Generation DNA sequence data available to researchers. We cut our teeth studying Oak trees and wild Sunflowers, which are much more "difficult" than Cannabis in many ways, and so it was a natural extension to apply our skills to the sativa versus indica admixture problem.

The six of us have since dispersed around the world and are by day researchers and professors at Ivy League and top international universities, and by night hacker-botanists that are passionate about plants and conservation. We have no connections to large corporations, and we don't do genetic engineering. Our expertise is in analyzing hybrid admixtures and developing pipelines for assembling and analyzing NextGen sequencing data for Cannabis, or any plants for that matter. 

Our mission at Tru-Breed Technologies is to make this technology available commercially for the first time, at a price even family farmers can afford. We're basically a mom and pop shop, and have developed an honest product using nothing but personal funds and maxed out credit cards, and so we're really proud to have so many awesome clients in such a short time. Thank you!