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Find your favorite strains below and explore their genetic and evolutionary history. Our database is color coded from sativa-dominant to indica-dominant. As you can see our algorithms accurately classify many historic strains into their traditionally recognized admixtures. For example, strains that the community traditionally recognizes as indica-dominant generally come out as indica-dominant in our analysis: White Widow XX%, Afghani Kush XX%, Bubba Kush XX%, various OG Kush phenotypes XX-XX%. Similarly, many classic Haze and landrace strains were also recovered sativa- dominant: Jack Herer XX%, Sour Diesel XX%, Durban Poison XX%, Thai stick XX%, Lemon Skunk XX%.

Resolving the evolutionary history of a plant as complex as Cannabis will always be a work in progress, and we're constantly improving our methods to bring this revolutionary technology to the industry at an affordable price for the first time.


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