Analysis of GG4 submitted September 13, 2017

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  • add_circle1 Sequencing Statistics

    This section provides information on how many markers were sequenced, the sequencing date, type of sequencing machine, and also displays your unique QR code and serial number. A physical certificate mailed to you includes counterfeit proof holograms and seal.

  • add_circle2 Admixture

    Admixture is how much of the genome of your strain is made up of genes from the three original species: Cannabis sativa, C. indica, and C. ruderalis. By examining ancient samples of Cannabis from around the world we can provide repeatable, quantitative estimates of indica versus sativa dominance, for the first time providing consumer and cultivators with real numbers instead of best guesses.

  • add_circle3 Stability

    Stability or true-breeding potential is of critical importance to breeders and cultivators. Stability is the tendency of offspring to resemble their parents. Traditional breeding involved phenotype hunting and then the long process of backcrossing and inbreeding to create a line of plants that reliably produce the same desirable phenotype. We used heterozygosity and other sources of information to generate the industry's first quantitative metric of stability, allowing breeders to measure their progress and communicate this to cultivators.

  • add_circle4 Ancestry

    This is similar to admixture but at a more recent point in the past. Our ancestry analysis currently determines the proportion of over a dozen different major genetic lineages of Cannabis including Northern Lights, Haze, Skunk, OG Kush, Afghani Kush, Durban, and a variety of geographical landraces from around the world.

  • add_circle5 Pedigree

    This section contains a variety of genetic tests that are able to be performed for some samples including parentage, autoflowering, feminization, hermaphroditism, polyploidy, and genetic contaminant tests. This section can also contain Client-supplied data including the crossing scheme and availability.

  • add_circle6 Test Data

    This section can be modified to include any information supplied by the client including potency and terpene testing data, photos, awards, tasting notes, and batch information including cultivation date and location. You can also add videos and links through our online Client portal, viewable by anyone that scans the QR codes on your products

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